Software Solutions offered by Bode Cellmark Forensics


BodeLIMS is a web-based software application that helps labs to manage data that is generated from the processing of thousands of forensic DNA databasing and casework samples. In offering BodeLIMS, Bode Cellmark provides a DNA-focused laboratory information management system (LIMS) that captures the complexity of the forensic DNA analysis process and can both document the entire process and adapt to changing technologies.

Bode Match 

Bode Match is a private, web-based DNA databasing and matching system. The database is designed to maintain a local or national database of STR or Y-STR profiles.  The easy-to-use software stores and matches DNA profiles into customized groups.  The software can be used to assist in investigations, identify individuals or maintain laboratory quality control during the analysis and reporting of profiles.

Bode Collection Point  

Bode Collection Point is a software application designed to electronically capture information about reference and evidence samples that will be submitted to the lab for processing. This web-based solution allows DNA collection sites and law enforcement agencies to manage information about their samples and provide a forensic lab with key information for processing samples.


Qualtrax is a compliance management software solution that helps maintain and manage accreditations.  The software provides complete document lifecycle management for compliance and quality assurance personnel and allows for the creation of workflows to manage and automate processes and procedures.  Bode Cellmark Forensics has been a user of Qualtrax since 2007 to manage the ISO 17025 accreditation.