Executive Team

Mike Cariola

General Manager

Mike Cariola brings more than 15 years of industry experience to his role as General Manager and has been a key contributor in leading and transitioning Bode Cellmark to be a world leader within the forensic science community.

Cariola is responsible for the operational leadership of Bode Cellmark’s forensic operations, products, software, and consulting services. In addition to ensuring the quality and reliability of services provided to clients worldwide,  Cariola has driven growth through the oversight of Bode Cellmark’s federal business development efforts, active R&D programs, and software and product development.

Cariola has held a variety of progressively responsible positions with the Bode Cellmark predecessor company, Bode Technology. While serving as Laboratory Director, he was primarily involved with Bode Cellmark’s forensic casework and databasing activities. During that time, Bode Technology successfully assisted numerous crime laboratories in the elimination of backlogs and Cariola helped launch several new services and products, implementing new technologies to increase quality, efficiency and effectiveness in the laboratory. These have become the cornerstones of Bode Cellmark’s international offerings and are a significant driver of company growth.

Cariola is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Sciences. He has also served on the advisory boards of the forensic science programs for Towson University and Virginia Commonwealth University. He holds a master of forensic science degree with a concentration in forensic molecular biology from The George Washington University, and graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of arts degree in biology.

Andrew Singer

Director, Sales and Marketing

As the Director, Sales and Marketing for Bode Cellmark, he manages domestic sales efforts and global marketing programs for the company.  Other key responsibilities include driving all new program and product launches and developing and managing strategic partnerships.

Singer joined Bode Technology in 2008 and  held the role of Sr. Product Manager, with responsibilities of managing product lifecycle of all products offered by Bode Technology to the law enforcement and crime laboratory markets, including developing new product solutions and related requirements, driving internal support and validations, communicating data to the sales and marketing teams, developing strategic product launches, evaluating product costs and setting pricing, and delivering post-launch support and development strategies.

Singer has more than 10 years of experience in product development and management.  Prior to joining Bode Technology, Singer held research and product development positions in the biotechnology industry related to vaccine R&D.

Singer earned a master of business administration and a master of science in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from the University of Maryland.

Jangbir Sangha

Director, Product Research and Development

Jangbir Sangha has been a product development manager for more than 28 years in the in vitro diagnostics and forensic identification industries. He has regulatory knowledge and is experienced in taking a product from conception to ready-to-manufacture under applicable regulatory environments. Sangha is also experienced in unique systems design and development in areas of expertise. He has developed and launched numerous products for Bode Technology including the Bode Buccal DNA Collector and the Bode SecurSwab product lines.

Sangha earned a bachelor of science degree from Panjab University, India, a bachelor of science degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada, and a master of arts from the Meerut University, India. Sangha has more than 20 years of experience in the product development market.

Manzar Ahmed

Director, Consulting and Training Services

Manzar Ahmed is a vice president and serves as the Director of Consulting and Training Services for Bode Cellmark. Ahmed brings more than 13 years of management, DNA, and bio-scientific research experience to Bode Cellmark’s professional consulting services.

Bode Cellmark’s team specializes in performing laboratory assessments to evaluate process flows, efficiencies, capacity, capabilities, quality systems, personnel, protocols, and training needs with a focus on meeting international accreditation standards. Ahmed has significant expertise in the development of international laboratories, including the training of management and qualifying analysts to meet international training standards.

Ahmed has played a key role in supporting the President’s National DNA Initiative to reduce DNA backlogs across the United States. Bode Cellmark’s team has been responsible for processing more than 1.5 million DNA databanking samples and Ahmed has successfully led and completed projects for multiple state, federal, and international agencies. In addition, Ahmed also has extensive hands-on experience processing various DNA substrates, implementing robotic methodologies, and effectively using LIMS software for high throughput DNA processing. Ahmed received his master of science in biochemistry and his bachelor of science in biology from The George Washington University.

Philip Crowther

Director, Finance and HR

Jon Davoren

Director, Applied Research

Deanna Lankford

Director, Forensic Casework

Natalie Morgan

Director, Forensic Casework

Erin Sweeney

Director of Operations

Erin Sweeney joined the Bode Technology in 2005 and has more than 12 years of experience in high-throughput DNA sample processing and analysis.  She directs Bode Cellmark’s Databanking team, which has been responsible for processing more than 1.5 million offender databasing samples for multiple state, federal, and international agencies.  Sweeney also directs Bode Cellmark’s Human Identification team, which is responsible for the DNA testing of skeletal remains and family reference samples for the identification of missing persons and victims of war, terrorism, and natural disasters in the United States and around the world. 

She has successfully implemented a number of process improvements, robotic methodologies, and software solutions that have resulted in better data quality and greater efficiency in the laboratory.  In addition, Sweeney has played a key role in Bode’s international training and development services.  She participated in the design, planning, and implementation of a fully functioning DNA database system for a major international laboratory where she served as the on-site project manager and trainer.

Sweeney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Science degree in biotechnology and certificate in national security studies from Johns Hopkins University.  She is a member of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the International Society for Forensic Genetics.

Robert Bever

Senior Scientist/ Laboratory Director

Robert Bever, Ph.D. is a forensic DNA scientist with twenty seven years of research and operational experience. Dr. Bever has served as Laboratory Director for three DNA typing laboratories, has technically reviewed over 40,000 cases and testified in over 150 trials. Additionally Dr. Bever has over twenty years’ experience in analyzing kinship casework to establish parentage, sib-ship, and avuncular relationships. Dr. Bever’s research in human DNA forensics has focused on developing methods to obtain DNA profiles from highly degraded samples, to collect and extract DNA from touched objects, mixture deconvolution using next generation sequencing , and identification geographical origin of material through DNA. Dr. Bever has a Ph. D in Microbiology from University of Maryland and performed post-doctoral research in infectious diseases at the Oregon Health Science University and the University Of Rochester School Of Medicine.


Stephanie Sivak

Technical Leader

Kristen Naughton

Director, Validation and Training