Casework Services

Criminal Cases

Bode Cellmark Forensics can perform DNA analysis on biological evidence left at a crime scene or transferred from one item and/or person to another. This includes suspect and no-suspect cases, violent crimes, and property crimes. Bode Cellmark also has extensive experience with cold casework.

Forensic Parentage and Relationship Testing

DNA analyses are available for cases in which the identity of a parent is in question as a result of a criminal act (pregnancy resulting from assault, incest, or abandoned babies with uncertain maternity). The evidentiary items submitted in these cases often include products of conception (fetal material), reference blood samples, or reference buccal swabs.

Bode Cellmark Forensics analyzes forensic cases requiring body identification and cases in which evidentiary items (such as bloodstains in a homicide investigation) need to be connected to an individual for whom no reference sample is available. In these cases, reference samples from known relatives of the unavailable person are compared to evidence samples in order to establish identity.

Backlog Reduction

Sexual Assault Kits - Bode Cellmark Forensics regularly works with law enforcement agencies and their crime labs to help expedite processing of sexual assault kits and to reduce backlogs. One of our unique services is our proprietary Sperm Elute℠ process. Sperm Elute more completely and selectively elutes sperm cells from evidence, resulting in higher quantities of sperm DNA while significantly reducing epithelial DNA.*

Property Crime - Bode Cellmark Forensics offers high-throughput analysis of samples from property crimes, including swabs with biological fluids as well as "touch" DNA.

*Internal validation on file. Sperm Elution Validation. Aug. 18, 2006.

CODIS Databasing

The CODIS databasing team at Bode Cellmark Forensics provides services to law enforcement agencies throughout the US. The high-throughput laboratory allows for timely analysis of offender samples.

Specimen Matching

Specimen matching cases are not necessarily connected to crimes. In these cases, Bode Cellmark Forensics is requested to confirm the source of a sample. Typical specimen matching cases include

  • Verification that a urine sample from a drug screen that has been reported as positive for a substance of abuse is from a specific person;
  • Verification that a biopsy sample from a physician's office or hospital is from a particular patient;
  • Determination of occupant's position in a motor vehicle during a traffic accident.

Expert Testimony and Consulting

Bode Cellmark Forensics provides assistance to attorneys preparing for court cases in which DNA evidence from our laboratory or another laboratory is expected to be presented. Our experts have experience testifying in district, federal and military courts. We also provide assistance in post-conviction cases. Our experts review testing performed by other laboratories and provide written reports and expert witness testimony. If warranted, Bode Cellmark Forensics will recommend testing evidence not previously tested or retesting of evidence.