Casework Submission

Casework Submission

Bode Cellmark Forensics is an active provider of large-scale forensic DNA identity testing services under contracts secured through a competitive bidding process.  Bode Cellmark and its predecessor laboratories have supplied forensic casework analysis services, convicted offender and arrestee sample profiling, criminal paternity testing, mass disaster victim identification, and missing person identification under contract to many state and local governmental agencies and private organizations both in the US and abroad for many years.

If your agency is contemplating release of a solicitation for DNA–based identity testing services, the team at Bode Cellmark Forensics would genuinely appreciate the opportunity to submit a proposal and win your business.  We hold the national and state accreditations and certifications required to perform forensics services throughout the US.  Bode Cellmark Forensics also offers competitively-priced custom packages of identity testing services to clients who prefer not to pursue the competitive bidding route.  Please feel free to contact one of our technical service team representatives using the information below if you would like to receive a proposal to a solicitation or if you would like to discuss other types of available testing arrangements and solutions.

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If you are seeking a contract partner to assist in meeting any of your testing objectives, please consider contacting Bode Cellmark Forensics.  We look forward to discussing your project. All discussions will be strictly confidential.

Technical Services


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Bode Cellmark Forensics is our new brand for forensic testing services—a combination of two brands: Cellmark Forensics and Bode Technology.