BodeHITS™ Local DNA Database

BodeHITS™ is a service provided by Bode Cellmark Forensics to law enforcement agencies designed to quickly develop DNA profiles from evidence and reference samples collected from crime scenes, ideally suited for property and drug crimes. BodeHITS offers the expanded use of DNA on some of the crimes that impact communities most.  Within the BodeHITS program, law enforcement agencies select the samples that they want processed for DNA analysis.  The resulting DNA profiles are entered into a local database where they are compared to other DNA profiles.  Matches are sent by email directly to the agency as investigative leads.

The BodeHITS program offers:

  • Cost-effective DNA analysis
  • Control, as the law enforcement agency decides which samples to submit
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Automated DNA match notifications sent via email
  • Direct access to scientific experts
  • Opportunity to develop a local or regional solution

About BodeHITS Local DNA Database

  • Bode Cellmark will test your samples, create a custom local database for your agency, and search your database for ‘hits’ linking the samples to other DNA profiles
  • Option to compare your agency’s profiles with those in the databases of other cooperating law enforcement agencies; expanding your search increases the potential of BodeHITS
  • Online and automated tools to track and manage sample submissions and ‘hit’ notifications

Easy-to-Use Program

BodeHITS is a comprehensive program that includes training, software, and access to cost-effective and fast DNA analysis.

Benefits of DNA Testing for Property Crimes

  • The DNA Field Experiment found that DNA testing is five times as likely to identify a suspect as fingerprinting and in property crime cases that involve DNA processing, is twice as likely to result in an arrest.2
  • In a study conducted by Denver’s police and district attorney offices, cases with DNA evidence were prosecuted more frequently (32.5% versus 5.9%).3
  • In Denver, defendants have been shown to be more likely to plead guilty to the top charge when DNA evidence is present.4

​​Please contact us to discuss how BodeHITS can benefit your operation or to schedule a webinar.​


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