DNA Forensic Services

High Volume Casework

Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Reduction – Bode Cellmark Forensics pioneered a direct-to-DNA approach that helps streamline analysis and efficiently process large volumes of untested sexual assault kits. The method, which as been used in the testing of more than 65,000 kits to date, makes it possible for agencies to clear backlogs of untested kits quickly and cost-effectively while providing more CODIS-eligible profiles than traditional serology. 

Property Crime Programs – Bode Cellmark offers high-throughput analysis of samples from property crimes, including swabs for biological fluids, as well as "touch" DNA.  Bode Cellmark offers several programs to support this analysis in addition to standard outsourcing.

  • Direct Outsourcing: Using Bode Cellmark’s BodeDirect Outsourcing services, crime labs can:
    • Increase capacity
    • Maintain control of cases
    • Reduce handling to save time and money
    • Work to eliminate and prevent backlogs
    • Process and solve more cases
  • Local Databasing Services: Law enforcement agencies can partner with Bode Cellmark to create a local database targeted at solving property crimes through our BodeHITS program.

Criminal Casework

Bode Cellmark has extensive experience processing challenging samples from all types of crimes-- including cold cases and post-conviction work.  Bode Cellmark can provide different types of testing on these and other crimes, including:

  • Evidence Screening/ Serology
  • STR Analysis
  • Y-STR Analysis
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Analysis
  • miniSTR Analysis

Rush DNA Analysis Services, Same-Day DNA Testing and Rapid DNA Analysis

Bode Cellmark has experience in high-volume backlog reduction and works with clients to deliver results in a timely manner.  Using our Same-Day DNA service, Bode Cellmark can produce a forensic DNA analysis and court-ready report on the same day that the forensic evidence is received at the laboratory. 

Bode Cellmark’s Rapid DNA Service provides near real-time DNA analysis for law enforcement and biometric applications.   This service can provide a DNA profile from forensic samples in less than 90 minutes, allowing for a prompt response to critical investigations by law enforcement and offering fast turnarounds for pressing identifications, including those of persons of interest.

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DNA Databasing

Bode Cellmark’s databasing teams have processed more than 3.5 million samples and provide services to dozens of law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The high-throughput laboratory allows for timely analysis of offender samples.

Missing Persons Identification

Bode Cellmark has years of experience in identifying missing persons in the US and abroad through the use of advanced DNA sampling techniques and DNA extraction methods that can obtain DNA profiles from degraded and aged bone samples. Bode Cellmark has tested more than 30,000 unidentified human remains for DNA and helped identify individuals that were victims of crime, war, terrorism, airplane crashes, civil conflicts and natural disasters. This includes more than 11,000 remains from the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.   Bode Cellmark has also developed DNA profiles from the unknown remains of a World War II victim.

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Forensic Parentage and Relationship Testing

DNA analyses are available for cases in which the identity of a parent is in question as a result of a criminal act (pregnancy resulting from assault or incest, or abandoned babies with uncertain maternity). The evidentiary items submitted in these cases often include products of conception (fetal material), reference blood samples, or reference buccal swabs.

Bode Cellmark analyzes forensic cases requiring body identification and cases in which evidentiary items (such as bloodstains in a homicide investigation) need to be connected to an individual for whom no reference sample is available. In these cases, reference samples from known relatives of the unavailable person are compared to evidence samples in order to establish identity.

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Expert Witness and Consulting Services

Bode Cellmark provides assistance to attorneys preparing for court cases involving DNA evidence-related to active investigations and post-conviction cases. Services include comprehensive case reviews, statistical analysis, consultation, and affidavit preparation.

Bode Cellmark can also provide comparison and statistical analysis of a profile generated by another laboratory to a profile generated by Bode Cellmark, or of two profiles generated by other laboratories.

General FAQs

General Questions

For the best chance of success, fetal matter should be at least 8 weeks of gestation. Due to the possibility that the mother's DNA could be mixed with that of the fetal matter, a known sample from the mother (eg cheek swab, blood sample) should also be tested. This sample will be used to confirm that the DNA profile obtained is not from the mother.

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Yes, it is possible.  The historical success rate is 80%, but storage conditions and the age of sample can affect success rate.

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Bode Cellmark prefers to work with items that are at least 3mm x 3mm, but may be able to produce a DNA profile from smaller areas, depending on type and concentration of the stain (semen, blood, saliva, etc.). Typically, a semen or blood stain yields the most DNA.

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