Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Reduction Program

Streamline processes to eliminate backlogs of untested sexual assault kits

Untested sexual assault kits exist around the country,1 contributing to a national sexual assault arrest rate of less than 25%.2,3 Bode Cellmark Forensics (Bode Cellmark) works with crime labs, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors’ offices to help clear these backlogs and help bring justice for the victims.

Optimized Approach

Bode Cellmark has a validated, proven approach to process sexual assault kits using high-throughput techniques, resulting in huge successes for both communities and the victims of these crimes.

Bode Cellmark’s high-throughput techniques have led to:

• Reduced turnaround times

• More male DNA detection, including low-level male DNA4

• More suspect profiles generated for potential uploading to CODIS

Streamlined Approach Means More Kits Tested

Streamlining processing allows for rapid expansion of capacity through automation and increases the results by utilizing the best sample for DNA analysis and employing a different step in the process to perform case assessments.

Our approach also enables the detection of DNA from vasectomized males by not limiting male DNA detection to semen samples.

Proven Process

Bode Cellmark has extensive experience providing similar DNA analysis and screening services to many law enforcement agencies. We have provided backlog services to clear more than 65,000 sexual assault kits for several major U.S. cities from coast to coast.


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