Bode Collection Point: Sample Information Management System

Bode Collection Point is a software application designed to electronically capture information about reference and evidence samples that will be submitted to the lab for processing. This web-based solution allows DNA collection sites and law enforcement agencies to manage information about their samples and provide a forensic lab with key information for processing samples.

Why Bode Collection Point?

Streamline Data Entry

Capturing subject or evidentiary information electronically streamlines processes within the lab.

  • Data is entered electronically

  • Streamline accessioning by eliminating time spent entering data

  • Eliminate potential transcription errors caused by illegible handwriting

  • Ensures no duplicate samples are collected

  • Single database provides efficient tracking and reporting of samples

Easily Manage and Control Samples Electronically

All information, including personal identification, is captured electronically in a secure web-based searchable database.

  • All personal data is captured electronically

  • Capture photos, signatures and verification fingerprints electronically and store with the records

  • Easily attach images and documents to the records

Ease of Use 

Data entry takes place at the point of collection.  The software is easy-to-use with minimal training.  The front-end collector will find intuitive user interfaces.

  • Collection Point automatically searches for duplicates

  • Easily add additional samples for each individual

Evaluate Your Database

Collection Point offers a robust searching and statistics module that allows a CODIS administrator to find statistics about all entries according to crime type, demographics, identity purpose, and agency collections. Information can also be searched between specific date ranges to offer comparative data over time.