Bode Match – Searchable DNA Database System

Bode Match is a private, web-based DNA databasing and matching system.  The database is designed to maintain a local or national database of STR or Y-STR profiles.  The easy-to-use software stores and matches DNA profiles into customized groups.  The software can be used to assist in investigations, identify individuals or maintain laboratory quality control during the analysis and reporting of profiles.

Why Bode Match?

Flexible Searching and Matching

Customize searches by selecting groups of DNA profiles to which specific DNA profiles can be compared.  Controlled searches also allow flexibility in using partial profiles, mixtures and comparisons to other variables through user-defined data ranges.  Overall, users can:

  • Search through selected databases as defined by the user
  • Search across groups, within groups or for a specific profile
  • Search and save custom profile searches as custom groups
  • Search internal/employee profiles as an “elimination database”

Users can also modify the search parameters. They can:

  • Select the inclusion of partial profiles and/ or mixtures for the searches
  • Determine if only exact matches or significant loci should be reported
  • Choose the minimum number of loci matched or the minimum percentage of loci matched

Optimized for Forensic Casework and Databasing Programs

Bode Match’s search engine compares every allele to the root profile, providing detailed results that assist greatly in DNA casework analysis.  The software displays full matches, partial matches, and mismatches. 

Match results are displayed in a simple grid with each root profile row distinguished visually and displaying the subsequent matches.  Each root profile row will identify the number of profile matches that were found for the corresponding root profile.  Additionally, each matching profile will identify the number of loci that match the partnered root profiles.

User-defined Profile Management

Users can define categories to help manage profiles.  Upon profile upload, profiles can be sorted and placed into the desired categories.  Ultimately, these will allow the users to search and get the results that are desired, whether it is a quality release search or identification of individuals for investigative purposes.


From set-up and configuration to import and analysis, Bode Match provides users with simple methods to create a database that meets their needs.  An easy-to-use interface allows users and administrators to effortlessly navigate the software and generate the desired results, including the ability to create roles and users.

Quality Assurance

Bode Match provides tools to help laboratories maintain high levels of quality in processing and reporting. Bode Match can search internal laboratory DNA profiles, eliminating or detecting DNA profiles that may be associated with internal personnel through integration with BodeLIMS.

Bode Match also offers the ability to expunge samples, if required by the end user, and identifies and deletes duplicate known profiles.

Enhanced Security and User Traceability

Bode Match contains an audit history that enables the administrator to easily track individuals’ actions within the software and generate reports.

Bode Match also offers role-based user access.  Assigned roles can be configured by the administrator, allowing restrictions to sensitive data or operations within the software.

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