Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Reduction

Each year, thousands of sexual assault kits go untested. Bode Cellmark is working with agencies around the country to help clear these backlogs and bring justice to the victims.
Bode Cellmark has a proven approach that can process sexual assault kits using high-throughput techniques. The results have shown huge successes for both communities and the victims of these crimes. 

Streamlined processing allows for rapid expansion of capacity through automation and increases the results by utilizing the best sampling for DNA analysis. Bode Cellmark improves turnaround by reducing the amount of time spent on negative cases. Bode Cellmark’s approach also enables the detection of DNA from vasectomized males by not limiting male DNA detection to semen samples. The overall process results in more cases for which male DNA profiles are generated. 

Bode Cellmark has extensive experience providing similar DNA analysis and screening services to many law enforcement agencies. We have provided backlog services to clear more than 25,000 sexual assault kits. These include services provided to several major U.S. cities from coast to coast. 

If you are interested in clearing your backlog, contact us today by emailing or calling (866) 263-3443 or (703) 646-9740.