Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Testing Programs

Streamline processes to eliminate backlogs of untested sexual assault kits

Untested sexual assault kits exist around the country,1 contributing to a national arrest rate of less than 20% on rape crimes2,3 and less than a 40% clearance rate.4 Bode Cellmark Forensics has processed more than 75,000 sexual assault kits and regularly works with crime labs, law enforcement agencies, and prosecutors’ offices to help clear sexual assault kit backlogs and help bring justice for the victims.

Optimized Approach

Bode Cellmark has a validated, proven approach to process sexual assault kits using high-throughput techniques, resulting in huge successes for both communities and the victims of these crimes.

Bode Cellmark’s high-throughput techniques have led to:

  • Reduced turnaround times
  • More male DNA detection, including low-level male DNA5
  • More suspect profiles generated for potential uploading to CODIS

Streamlined Approach Means More Kits Tested

Streamlining processing allows for rapid expansion of capacity through automation and increases the results by utilizing the best sample for DNA analysis and employing a different step in the process to perform case assessments.

Our approach also enables the detection of DNA from vasectomized males by not limiting male DNA detection to semen samples.

Expedited Testing 

Bode Cellmark’s Accelerated Sexual Assault Kit Processing program (Bode ASAP) offers priority testing of non-backlogged sexual assault kits in as soon as 2, 4, or 8 weeks to help solve and prevent future crime.  Agencies submit batches of cases on a weekly basis, and through Bode Cellmark’s streamlined processes, the results are provided to the client quickly and efficiently.

Bode ASAP Turnaround Times



Backlog Reduction and Prevention

Sexual assault kits can be submitted to Bode Cellmark as soon as the crime laboratory or law enforcement agency is ready to prevent or eliminate backlogs.  Through the Bode ASAP program, a new batch will be initiated for testing on a weekly basis and will be reported in the timeframe requested by the client. 


Stop and Prevent Crime

On average, a sexual assault occurs every minute and a half in the United States.6 Receiving DNA results in days will help stop serial criminals.  

Testing sexual assaults quickly can:

  • Identify an unknown suspect
  • Confirm the presence of a known suspect
  • Confirm the account of the crime
  • Connect the suspect to other crimes after uploading to CODIS
  • Exonerate innocent suspects

Please contact us to discuss how Bode Cellmark’s Sexual Assault Kit Testing Programs can benefit your operation or to schedule a webinar.​


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