Property Crime

Property Crime DNA Testing at Bode Cellmark

Bode Cellmark has a long history of providing short-term and long-term solutions to reducing backlogs of property crime cases at crime labs and improving turnaround time to law enforcement agencies.  Through these efforts, Bode Cellmark has processed tens of thousands of property crime cases.

Property Crime DNA Testing Solutions

Surge Capacity - Backlog Reduction

Traditional outsourcing enables Bode Cellmark to support our clients to clear casework backlogs.  Bode Cellmark has a proven capacity of managing more than 1,000 property crime cases reported per month.

Direct Outsourcing – Capacity Enhancement for Crime Labs

Bode Cellmark offers long-term, high-volume property crime case efforts with our clients.  Direct outsourcing streamlines DNA case outsourcing by enabling crime labs and law enforcement agencies to screen cases for approval then send directly to Bode Cellmark for DNA analysis.  Direct outsourcing reduces the burden on crime labs by reducing the number of testing requests into the lab, reducing the handling of evidence in the lab, and enabling the technical review and CODIS upload of only the cases with good profiles. 

Bode Cellmark Property Crime Table

BodeHITSTM – Local DNA Databasing for Law Enforcement Agencies

Bode Cellmark works with law enforcement agencies to develop a DNA database of local crimes and suspects to quickly generate investigative leads.  BodeHITS is ideally suited for high-volume crimes, such as burglaries, drug crimes, gun crimes and motor vehicle theft. 

The BodeHITS program offers the following to law enforcement agencies:

  • Law enforcement agencies select which samples to submit for DNA analysis
  • Fast turnaround times – 30 days or less
  • Option to compare your agency’s profile to the databases of other cooperating law enforcement agencies
  • Automated DNA match notifications sent via email

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