Welcome to Bode Cellmark Forensics.

Our laboratories in North America and the United Kingdom provide forensic services to customers around the world. Please select below.

Bode Cellmark Forensics provides leading forensic DNA identity testing in the United States.

Since 1987, our forensic scientists have analyzed more than 2 million samples and more than 50,000 cases. Available technologies include autosomal STR, Y-STR, mitochondrial DNA, and biological screening.

We analyze current and backlogged cases, cold cases and we perform reanalysis of cases previously tested in other labs.

Additional services include:

  • Forensic DNA Casework and CODIS database testing
  • BodeHITS™ online local database for law enforcement agencies
  • IQAS proficiency testing
  • NIJ Grants
  • Research & development

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Cellmark Forensic Services based in the UK.

Cellmark is a leading provider of ISO17025 accredited specialist forensic services to police forces in the UK and international law enforcement agencies.

Cellmark provides a comprehensive forensic analytical service—from high volume DNA testing to high-sensitivity, specialist forensic DNA analysis; from expert interpretation and evidence recovery at crime scenes to innovative techniques for the investigation of sexual offences; and from footwear, glass and fibre comparison to toxicology, ballistics and gunshot residue analysis.

With over 25 years’ experience, Cellmark’s reputation is built on the quality of its people, its leading success rates and the speed and responsiveness of its service—combining traditional forensic expertise with new and innovative approaches to help solve crime.

Visit www.cellmarkforensics.co.uk to learn more.